The 3 secrets that will make your children happy

On many occasions parents tell their children that their greatest wish is for them to be happy . The definition of happiness will certainly vary from person to person, but in the heart of the parents the desire is the same. Parents want our children to experience pleasure, to feel loved and love others, to be strong and resistant to life’s challenges.


Don’t put your kids in a bubble

The best thing that can be done for the happiness of the children in the long term is to stop constantly keeping them happy in the short term, that is, we must not put children in a bubble where all their wishes are granted … they must learn to wait since the world does not function as a bubble of wishes. Parents are not responsible for children’s happiness even if they feel that way. You don’t have to plummet to give children what you think will give them an immediate smile, nor do you have to solve anything that causes them distress.

Children must learn to deal with negative emotions in order to learn to develop in the world and to value happiness and moments of joy. In this way children will be able to develop coping skills and the resilience they need to deal with the inevitable bumps in life.

Nurture your happiness

It is true that parents cannot control the happiness of our children, but we are responsible for our own happiness . Children absorb everything about us and that is why our state of mind is very important to them. Happy parents are likely to have happy children, while children of depressed parents suffer from depression.

Consequently, the best thing parents can do to make our children happy and their emotional well-being impeccable is : take care of your own emotional health. You should make time for rest, for relaxation, for time with your partner, for quality time with your children … to be happy!


It allows success, but also failure

If you want to boost your child’s self-esteem, you should focus less on compliments and praise and provide ample opportunities for them to learn new life skills. Not praising for anything is the true driver of self-esteem. Children need to be allowed to realize that they are capable from the moment they begin to walk. A common mistake parents make is doing too much for their children.

Although it can be difficult to watch children struggle, the feeling of satisfaction and the thrill of dominance is the best they can know. It is through practice that children can learn things, repeated experiences to master an aspect will help children develop an attitude in which they can face other future challenges with greater enthusiasm and optimism, something essential to be happy. Errors are the greatest teachers.

And remember…

  • Give responsibilities to your children according to their age
  • Practice a life full of gratitude
  • Praise effort, but not perfection
  • Teaches Emotional Intelligence, self-discipline, optimism …
  • Spend quality family time and also during meal times (or some of them)
  • Let your children be children

Take care of them and love them unconditionally

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